Every now and then the media asks for my opinion or I proactively write down things that I think need to be said. I have published my articles online in outlets including Al Jazeera, Refugees Deeply and the European Green Journal, as well as in the print version of the German newspaper Junge Welt

Here is a selection of my opinions.


Europe is both in love with low-cost airlines and struggling to find a place in a changing world. China, meanwhile, seeks to build a pan-Eurasian railway link ready for the future. In this article for the GEAB, I explore what this means for Europe.

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China’s one belt, one road initiative: Impact on Europe’s neglected railway system


Henchmen of the occupiers – EU support for the occupation of Western Sahara

The European Commission is negotiating a free trade agreement with Morocco and ignores recent jurisdiction by the European Court of Justice concerning the status of the Western Sahara. This is undermining the legal situation of German companies and a set-back for the 40-year plight of the Sahrawi people. 

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Europe is trying to step up deportations at all cost in an attempt to appease the far right. In countries like Mali, this is risking severe disruptions and produces the very instability that people flee from in the first place.

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E.U. Deportations Risk Further Destabilizing Mali


Europe's migration hypocrisy in Africa | @AlJazeera

The EU is organising anti-migration propaganda events in Africa, while leaving the real root causes of migration in the dark. 


After the EU-Africa Summit | @taz

After attending the EU-Africa Summit in Abidjan in 2017, I talked with Christian Jakob about the meager outcomes. Despite having "youth" as its theme, the summit failed the youth.


This country is not for the youth | @Expresso

Shortly before the 2017 German elections, I talked to Christina Fernandez about how German politics is geared towards the elderly.

Green Late Night Talk | @FYEG

In the wake of the German elections, I took part in a late night talk about the prospects of German politics and the role of the Greens. 

Dirty Clean Energy | @GreenEuropeanJournal

Young Green Fabian Wagner attended the COP 22 negotiations in Marrakesh and found that despite the host’s eagerness to project itself as a constructive force in the fight against climate change, its policies in other areas raise serious concerns – not least the levels of repression around the question of Western Sahara.