With my photography I try to show the breathtaking diversity of nature's shapes and human's ways of life. I hope thereby I can contribute my tiniest part to mututal understanding and acceptance. This is also why I focus on motives that explain how we are all connected, no matter how far apart we might seem to life and how different we appear. Therefore my images as such might be nice, their full story, however, can be better grasped when they are viewed in the context of one of my blog posts or with an explanation. Don't hesitate to ask me about the story behind any of my pictures. Rest assured, there will be one ;-) In the future I want to shift towards photojournalism in order to improve the value of my images as tools for telling stories and for giving voice to those who find it hard to make their voice heard. See my first steps in this direction: Photostories.

What follows are some galleries showing what I consider the best images I have taken so far.

Check out my photography on 500px, SmugMug and Flickr for more :) On 500px and SmugMug you can also license and buy my pictures helping me to fund my future explorations and the creation of more beautiful images. Even though, if you consider buying or using some of my photography, please get in touch directly. Instead of donating half of the revenue to big websites, I would rather like to send it directly to the people depicted ;-)

My friend Susanne at -33 degrees in Northern Norway.

5000 years old Standing Stones in Callanish.

Jewel Scarab in Honduras

Women of the nomadic Peul people in  Northern Benin.

Dani and me in Quetzaltenango (Guatemala)

Guatemaltec granny.

 Maya women in Antigua

Maya women in Antigua

Beninoise fishermen.

Colourful Miami Beach.

 Milky Way over Zambia.

Milky Way over Zambia.

British Museum in London.

5000 year-old Celtic Burial Chamber in Wales.

Betamaribe men with traditional patterns in his face that match the ones on the walls of his house in Northern Benin.

One of billions and billions of colourful bugs in Cusuco National Park in Honduras.

Shadows of the Past. A flying parrot in a Maya ruin in Honduras. Parrots were sacred to the Maya. 

Basic, but absolutely delicious: Coffee from the Honduran cloud forest in the Honduran cloud forest.

Even on the remotest beaches, as here in Benin, one finds plastic bags - not always as nicely glowing in the sunset as they are here.

Horny monkey in Parc National de la Pendjari in Northern Benin.

Key West, Florida.                                                                                                                                      

A woman rendering her house with cow dung in Northern Benin.

Turning on the Christmas lights in Central Wales.

Tower and Tower Bridge in London with the WWI remembrance poppies.

Baobab Tree in Northern Benin.

A new generation: hopefully taking care of their plastic rubbish better than we did and continue to do.

Tropical storm over Tulum (Mexico). 

Hakuna Matata in Zambia.

Night in the Jungle. Light strikes of scientist's head torches in a Research Camp after dark. Cusuco National Park, Honduras.

Whitehall, London.

Hello little Fella! Or since it is a Honduran bug: Hola pequeñito! :)

Stunning colours, Orchid bees in Honduras.

Beam me up, Scotti!

Yet another colourful Honduran Spider.

Mystical Wales.

The swimming elephants of the Zambezi swimming over from Zambia to Zimbabwe.

Villagers of the Congolese village Mikanga.

Guard in the Virunga Mountains in Eastern DRC.

Demarcating and registering an area to be reforested in Southern DRC.

Two tourists staring down into the lava lake of Mount Nyiragongo.

The beautiful Seychelles.