Multilingual, outgoing and open-minded I'm a young professional in the International Relations and Development sectors. An SOAS graduate in Social Anthropology of Development, I worked on the topics of migration/refugees and minority rights for NGOs, think-tanks, development agencies and political parties in Europe, Latin America, Africa and South Asia.

Right now, I advise the Brazilian government on meaningful inclusion of tribal peoples and empowering them to take an active role in decisions about their future. Before, I was fighting for tribal peoples' rights from the Berlin office of Survival International, while representing thousands of Young Greens within the Federation of Young European Greens [FYEG] as their Co-Spokesperson. 





Day Jobs


Development Advisor

Fundação Nacional do Índi [FUNAI] & Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit [GIZ], Brasília



Since June 2018, I advise  the Brazilian government's agency for indigenous affairs on how to empower indigenous peoples from two pilot areas in the Amazonas and Rôndonia states, to self-organise the management of their territories in a way that sees both their rights respected and their environment protected.

I sit on the premises of FUNAI, but I am employed by the German development agency GIZ.

Assistant Campaigner

Survival International, Berlin

APRIL 2017 - APRIL 2018

Survival is helping tribal peoples to defend their lives, protect their land and determine their own future. Tribal peoples are contemporary societies who suffer some of the worst discrimination and exclusion of our time. Their basic human rights cannot be sacrificed on the altar of "progress" or Western interests. For decades Survival International has been a strong partner of tribal peoples from around the world. We fight those in our own societies who commit serious human right abuses against tribal communities, including governments, companies and – if necessary – environmental protection groups. 

From Berlin, I worked predominantly on the Tribal Conservationists campaign.


Leuphana University, Lüneburg

APRIL 2018 - AUGUST 2018

During summer 2018, I held the lectures in the two modules “Campaigning” and “Human Rights Regimes protecting specific groups” of Leuphana University’s “MA Governance and Human Rights”.

Previous Experience

Previously, I worked from home and in India as Project Manager for a French Think-Tank, creating and managing a transcontinental network of young leaders from EU- and BRICS-countries. After a successful launch of the network at a summit in Helsinki and St. Petersburg, I organised work meetings in France, India and China and positioned the network in the vicinity of the youth section of the G20, culminating in our participation in the youth-related activities of the G20-Summit in Hangzhou in 2016.

During my MA studies, I gathered first work experience at a 6-months research internship at GIZ's Lubumbashi office in the South of the Democratic Republic of Congo where I worked on a critique of the shortcomings of participatory development. 

In the past, I completed several internships and a one-year voluntary service:

  • Two months in Benin, working on rural development with a local NGO.

  • Two months in Honduras, being part of a research mission to gather data on the ecology of tropical bees for my Bachelor thesis.

  • One month in Florida for an internship on marine biology.

  • One year working in Peru for an orphanage on practical education.


Co-Spokesperson & Board Member

Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG), Europe

MAY 2016 - MAY 2018

In May 2016 FYEG's General Assembly elected me as a Member of its Executive Committee - the day to day leading committee of the European Green Party's youth wing. I'm responsible for the coordination of FYEG's 38 member organisations across Europe and coordinate projects and campaigns on Western Sahara and Europe's arms trade. With these events I try to foster a global mindset for other Green topics, including migration, and encourage our activists to look beyond Europe's Southern borders. A big task is the thorough reinvention of the Global Young Greens network before and around the Global Greens Congress in March 2017 with a complete overhaul of its structures and missions.

FYEG's 2017 General Assembly elected me as Co-Spokesperson, together with Kim van Sparrentak. Together, we were responsible for representing the Federation towards partners and the public. 

Environment & Climate Fellow

AU-EU Youth Plug-In Initiative, Addis Ababa/Brussels/Abidjan


In late autumn 2017, me and 35 other young activists – 18 from Europe and 18 from Africa – got selected from among more than 7500 applicants to represent the African and European youth at the high-level 5th EU-AU Summit in Abidjan

Divided into six thematic clusters, we spent the six weeks after the Abidjan Youth Declation was presented at the AU-EU Youth Summit, to turn the Declation into a precise agenda. The Youth Agenda will now form the basis of the next four years of EU-Africa youth cooperation in the fields of peace and security, environment and climate, business and job creation, arts and culture, education and skills, and governance and political inclusion. We have been an active part of the summit and presented our agenda to leading European and African politicians, including the High Representative and Vice-President of the Commission Federica Mogherini, the Chairperson of the African Union Moussa Faki and dozens of heads of states, who endorsed and praised our work.



BSc Biology

Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz [Germany]

September 2010 - March 2014

MA Social Anthropology of Development

My first degree was is in Biology, a lifelong and still ongoing passion, that helped me to develop the base of my academic workflow. It still makes a great and positive contribution to how I conceptualise the world around me in an analytical and ordered way. However, I soon realised that being a biologist only, would not allow me to make the positive contribution to our society that I strive for, because society and the environment are two sides of the same coin. This is why I added Social Anthropology to my academic portfolio. Now, neither society nor the environment adheres to our statist world order, so I added International Relations later.

I completed my Biology degree with a research project I planned and conducted on the ecology of tropical bees. My first research project led me and my hammock into the middle of the Honduran Cloud Forest for two months.

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London

September 2014 - September 2015

During my year in London I focused on Human Rights, Indigenous Affairs, Health and Climate Change in the framework of International Development. This course helped me to connect the various threads of my previous studies into a coherent academic base for my future path. Multicultural, vibrant and highly political -- SOAS was the most inspiring place I could have imagined for my postgrad studies.



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In addition, I have a basic knowledge of Hindi [which I took classes in when I was in India], Arabic [which I studied for several years in university] and Swahili [which I took classes in when I was in Congo], and I can read Latin and a bit of Ancient Greek [after having spent half of my school time reading Caesar and Homer].


Activism & Politics

In my free time I am eager to develop myself beyond academia and work. This is why I accumulated a long list of conferences, seminars, trainings and international gatherings that I participated in. Crisscrossing Europe and the world besides my other obligations is sometimes a logistical challenge, but the amazing discussions I had with other young professionals and activists from around Europe and the world made it more than worth the effort! Here's an overview of my recent activities:

  • AU-EU Youth Plug-In Initiative, 10. October - 03. December, Addis/Brussels/Abidjan

  • La Voix de la Jeunesse du Sahel, 2.-6. Juni 2017, Bamako (Mali)

  • Global Greens Congress, 30.03.-02.04.2017, Liverpool (United Kingdom)

  • COP22 in Marrakech, 7.-18. November 2016, Marrakech (Morocco)

  • Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance and Y20 Summit, 25.-31. August 2016 in Shanghai (China)

  • FYEG Summer Camp "From Social Wrongs to Social Rights", 18.-25. July 2016 in Srebreno Jezero (Serbia)

  • FYEG Executive Committee Retreat 2016, 13.-16. July 2016 in Belgrade (Serbia)

  • General Assembly of Italy's leftist movements, 01.-03. July 2016 in Padua (Italy)

  • European Development Days 2016, 15.-16. June 2016 in Brussels (Belgium)

  • FYEG General Assembly, 26.-29. May 2016 in Prague (Czech Republic)

  • European Youth Event 2016, 20.-21. May 2016 in Strasbourg (France)

  • Speaker at Borderless Europe: Blessing or Burden, 06.-09. May 2016 in Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

  • EuroBRICS Week 2016, 25.-30. April 2016 in Paris (France)

  • #overthefortress Mobilisation on Refugees and the Balkan Route, 24.-31. April 2016 in Idomeni (Greece)

  • FYEG Working Group Meeting, 21.-24. October 2015 in Brussels (Belgium)

  • EuroBRICS Post-Event, 10.-13. June 2015 in St. Petersburg (Russia)

  • EuroBRICS Young Leaders' Summit, 8.-9. June 2015 in Helsinki (Finland)

  • Grüne Jugend Seminar on Neocolonialism, 29.-31. May 2015 in Hamburg (Germany)

  • 'Energising Bridges' International Seminar on Green Energy, 22.-29. May 2015 in Hirschluch (Germany)

  • Sharing is caring! Collective Action and Common Solutions, 25. April - 02. May 2015 in Yerevan (Armenia)

These and more conferences are a great contribution to my professional and personal development. I wouldn't want to miss the many useful contacts and amazing discussions that considerably broadened my horizon. I went to the different events in various functions: as member of FYEG's Executive Committee, FYEG's Co-Spokesperson, as Project Coordinator for LEAP or Volunteer for other organisations. 



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